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Zoetis – Launching FOSTERA PRRS

Client: Zoetis

Location: White Palace Hồ Chí Minh & Crowne Hà Nội

Date: 04/10/2017 & 07/10/2017


Introduce and publish the product of Fostera, explore the journey of Fostera vaccine products
Raise the awareness of the Fostera vaccine brand / 5 effective values that the product brings to customers
Bring impressive show with excellent quality for guests

Core Idea:

With the idea of transforming the entire ballroom with stars, planets, galaxy, bringing all the guests to a luxurious, mysterious space. Discovering the five planets Venus - Jupiter - Mercury- Mars- Saturn, helping the scientists of Zoetis discover the vaccine FOSTERA PRRS with superior application to protect the herd from PRRS disease. This will also help the dealers, distributors of Zoetis Vietnam feel the advantages when using FOSTERA PRRS.


B2 Event has successfully hold this event that brings meaningful messages to dealers and distributors of Zoetis Vietnam.
The journey of exploring the FOSTERA PRRS Galaxy