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Client: Nivea

Location: Ho Chi Minh

Date: 2017


The program is an opportunity for the company to review the business situation of phase 1 ( in the first 6 months). Look back on the achievements as well as the difficulties to come up with the most suitable strategies and solutions to continue to develop in phase 2 (in the last 6 months). At the same time, it is also the opportunity for employees to connect together, looking at market fluctuations to make the right moves.

Core Idea:

With the theme "Change to Win," the program has brought out the challenges to beyond the limits, and a difficult time for the staff to feel the difficulties and challenges in the business situation in the market. The participants have toget rid of the limit, escape from their own safety and have strong transformations to match the market fluctuations.


In addition to meeting the goals setting, the program has achieved beyond the expectations of both the company and the organization. We help our clients convey the message, strategy and the whole spirit of fire to their staff. In addition, we have helped our customers get a detailed assessment of their staff and find out the special factors in the sales team. The most expensive thing we proud to bring to our customers is the humanity's value, spirit of solidarity, creativity and enthusiasm of the staffs in the face of difficulties and challenges of the journey.