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Amway (ABO)

Client: Amway

Location: Ho Chi Minh

Date: 2017


To listen and understand the difficulties of the Distributor's forces from which to have timely supporting strategies to business operations. In addition, the event honors and recognizes the Distributor's achievements and contributions as well as blows up flames for the Distributors' business.

Core Idea:

With the concept "Studio ABO (Amway Business Owner)" Turn the whole space of the event into a mini studio with the stage having a direct interaction between the Board of Directors and Distributors. Besides, we use the most modern facilities of sound & lighting to engage participants as experiencing real-life as well as market-based businesses


Create a close and open atmosphere between Distributors and the company. The event helps the company to have better understanding of the difficulties of the Distributor's business and suitable strategies for it. Moreover, the program has raised a great source of motivation which helps to promote the business of the entire Distributors..